I make scarves, shawls, and occasionally wall pieces in my studio in Waltham, Massachusetts. My early education was in Mathematics. This informs my work and helps me in the design of complex structures. I combine these structures in my weaving, looking for intriguing variations in scale, texture, and motif.


In the past, I have collaborated with other accomplished and talented women, especially Ruth Hodges, and Ellie von Wellsheim, who designed and created beautiful clothing from my handwoven fabrics.

In 2005, I paused my weaving career temporarily to follow a lifelong interest in complementary and alternative health care. I became a homeopath and a registered nurse.

My daughter is an accomplished knitter, baker, and ice cream maker. My son has a small craft business: he is a graduate of the North Bennet Street School's furniture making program; he does my web design and weaves part time. My husband works in human subjects protection at a Boston teaching and research hospital. He does all of my graphics and photography.