First Round of Website Updates

Written By: Augie DeHainaut
Date: Monday, February 16th 2015
behind the scenes

A few weeks ago, in my capacity as lead web developer at Muffy Young Hand Weaving, I hinted that some changes to the website were coming up. Since you are reading this, you have already seen that I may not have been completely honest when I said "some."

The original plan was to update or replace all of the text and photos on the site, but once I started working on the changes, it quickly became clear that the back end system that was running the site would need to be replaced as well. (For those who are interested, I will devote a future blog post to the technical details.) Once the decision was made to replace the back end in addition to most of the content, I decided I might as well redesign the front end as well. Why not?

So, here is the new design. You may notice that a few pages are missing at the moment. They will be filled in soon, but for now the old site is still accessible. Also, despite being the reason for this overhaul, you might notice that none of the site content has actually been changed yet. That's the next step.

If you have any feedback, please leave comments on our Facebook page, which is linked below. I would especially like feedback on the request to leave feedback on Facebook (if your feedback on that subject involves a refusal to use Facebook, please feel free to use the contact page.)

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