Second Round of Website Updates

Written By: Augie DeHainaut
Date: Wednesday, March 11th 2015
behind the scenes

New Content

I am pleased to introduce the latest updates to the website. First, there is the new contact page, which is self explanatory so I won't bore you with details. More interesting (hopefully) is the new gallery which can be found on the Current Work page. We've designed the gallery to function as a sort of do-it-yourself scarf builder, showing the raw materials and how the can be combined.

With these updates, the new website is now functionally complete, but the work does not end there. There are already many new photographs incorporated into the gallery, but there are many more in the pipeline. We are also working on a complete overhaul of the about pages. Stay tuned.

New Backend

And now, in case anyone is interested, I thought I'd offer a rundown of how the new website is put together.

The old site was based on the Joomla content management system. While it served its purpose, it got to be too much trouble to maintain such a huge system for such a small site.

The new backend is based on an Open Source CMS called Grav. It uses flat-file storage (rather than a database) and the content is written in Markdown. It is very simple, easy to maintain, and easy to customize.

The user interface is written on top of the Bootstrap HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework. The responsive design features of Bootstrap allowed me to create a single version of the site, which adapts itself to the device it is being viewed on, rather than two separate designs for desktop and mobile devices.

The whole thing is hosted on DigitalOcean. This doesn't add anything in particular to the user experience, but they are an excellent company, and I wanted to give them a plug.

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