San Francisco Recap

Written By: Muffy Young
Date: Wednesday, August 7th 2013
craft fair

This was my first time at the ACC Show in San Francisco. The climate was perfect for scarves- even in the summer- what a concept!

My friend Dahlia Popovits, of Dahlia the wonderful gallery in Newton Centre, told me I would fall in love with San Francisco and she was right. What a pretty place! The show was in the Fort Mason Center, right near the Golden Gate. I could see the bridge and a mountain from my hotel window.

We were on a pier in the Bay, the water was aqua, boats everywhere, the America's Cup races were going on, we were right by Alcatraz, former home of Whitey Bulger, on trial right then at home in Boston.

The show went very well, I saw old friends, and made new ones. Here is my old friend Lisa Drew. She came from Fairbanks Alaska. She is with her old friend Glenn, checking out some scarves.

I saw but did not get a picture of my high school classmate Nancy Milliken. She was with me on that amazing trip to Latin America that I write about in the website. It was transformative for her too: she became a doctor.

On Monday, before my flight, I had the time to take a five mile walk around the area I was staying in. I walked out Lombard Street, straight up, like climbing a ladder almost, up to the top where there was this iconic view and a million tourists.

I saw these pretty boats on my way back along the Embarcadero. I did fall in love, and hope I go back soon

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