New Loom

Written By: Augie DeHainaut
Date: Sunday, August 11th 2013
loom behind the scenes

This past week, we replaced the upstairs loom with a smaller one. We had had the 48" AVL Production Dobby Loom for a little over a year. It worked beautifully but, as avid readers may remember, it was a bit too big for the room. Eventually it had to go.

Dismantling the old loom

Some Modifications

In its place, we brought in a 40" AVL Folding Dobby Loom. The new (to us) loom is smaller in every dimension, but it has (or rather had) one problem.

In its last life, this loom had been used with a fly shuttle. The fly shuttle boxes stick out on either end of the beater. Because of this, the smaller loom needed even more space for its width than the larger loom. However, all was not lost. Luckily, there just happened to be another loom in the garage. This particular loom, a 60" AVL, had been stored there for my entire life, just waiting to be cannibalized for parts. A bit of measuring, a few cuts, and a few holes drilled, and we had a new beater, 100% fly shuttle free. Now anyone can walk around the loom without running into a large protrusion and breaking a hip.

The rest of the assembly was uneventful, with one exception. The sectional beam, which is what the warp is wound on to, is suspended between two posts. On each end, the shaft of the beam is held in a notch and secured by a pin, as pictured below. Unfortunately, the pins were stuck. See the photos to find out how we managed to unstick them.

And finally, here is the new loom all ready to go.

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