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Behind The Scenes

Written By: Augie DeHainaut
Date: Tuesday, January 20th 2015
Stripes Mosaic behind the scenes

It's a busy time at Muffy Young Handweaving. Since the start of the new year, we have been building up stock in several new patterns and colors. We're also working on some changes to the website. There will be a few structural changes, but the much more noticeable difference will be many new photos. In addition to new product photos, we will be adding far more behind the scenes photos. Here's a few samples of what's to come.

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Online Ordering Now Available

Written By: Muffy Young
Date: Friday, October 3rd 2014
Mosaic etsy

Recently, we have been interested in making it quick and easy to buy a scarf on line. Today, we are taking a first step by opening up a limited selection of scarves for immediate purchase through Etsy. In our new Etsy store, we will be listing some of our most popular and well stocked items. To start, there is only one scarf listed, red mosaics, but we will be adding more soon.

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On the Other Loom

Written By: Augie DeHainaut
Date: Wednesday, July 10th 2013
Mosaic Central Asian Colors upstairs behind the scenes

Currently on the upstairs loom is a Mosaic pattern in Central Asian colors. The first image shows the very beginning of a scarf in blue. Underneath, you can see the end of a purple scarf.

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