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Double Weave in Black, White and Gray

Written By: Muffy
Date: Sunday, January 3rd 2016
new work double weave

Double weave landscape, (or maybe some other title). In black, white and gray. Wide shawl, probably will finish to 23" wide

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New Work 2015

Written By: Muffy Young
Date: Thursday, January 29th 2015
Stripes new work yarn

This picture illustrates two very different directions I have been running in, getting ready for the big ACC winter show in February down in Baltimore. One direction is towards refinement with a minimalist design and only two colors- either black and white or black and charcoal gray. The other is towards a more rustic look with bulky, slubby yarns, an eclectic pattern and joyous, springy colors.

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Dominoes Scarves

Written By: Muffy Young
Date: Friday, January 10th 2014
Dominoes new work

I'm pretty excited about these new scarves. The idea came from a warp I did in 2004. I wasn't selling at many shows then, and most were bought by friends so I have been seeing them over the years. I kept saying to myself, "Now that's a nice scarf, I wonder how I did that?" I took the Dominoes image from those, and combined it with a design I had done even longer ago, inspired by a weaving by the famous Bauhaus weaver and writer Anni Albers. This is nothing new, lots of my work is inspired by Anni Albers. Her book, On Designing has kept me going through many long nights of wondering what I'm doing here.

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On The Loom Today

Written By: Muffy Young
Date: Friday, July 5th 2013
Andes Sun Soft Colors Black and White new work

This summer so far, among other fun things, I have expanded my new design, Andes Sun, to include shawls in soft colors and in black and white. Pictured here is a finished shawl in Soft, and a Black and White still on the loom. Both will be available at my next shows in San Francisco and Evanston.

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