Blocks and Swirls Shawl


Graphic blocks alternate with organic swirly twill patterns. 2014 pattern and colors brought back for 2021. Dark muted colors. Back then, I was expressing some sadness, now the colors fill a need for something less bright. Weft colors: Navy as seen, Teal, or Brown as in Soft Blocks Shawl.


  • The Blocks are color-and weave patterns, bold and graphic.
  • The Swirls are subtle and flowing twills using a technique called network drafting.
  • Blocks arrangement across the warp is asymmetrical with a wide one on one side and a narrow on on the other.
  • Weft colors are dark teal, navy blue/blue, or brown shades. All the colors are very dark and muted.
  • 100% Silk.
  • 15 by 92 inches including hand twisted fringe. A narrow shawl, good as a scarf as well.

Additional information

Weft texture

spun silk, noil fleck

Steam iron whenever needed.

Handwash cold or dry clean.

See Fiber Care for more details.