Hand-Dyed Silk

Dye Pots

When I dye my silk, I use a product called acid dye. It’s considered to be relatively safe in term of not causing me too much harm. I use a mask when I mix the powders and use the dye in a 1% solution rather than scooping up powder every time I use it. This also makes it easy to measure. Acid dye has the wonderfully environmentally safe quality in that if you measure out the right amount, it all gets absorbed by the fiber. as you can see here, I’m left with water that’s just about clear. I get most of the colors I dye by using between 1/2 and 1 percent on the weight of the goods. For a 1/2% dye on 100 grams of silk yarn, I pour out 50 ml of my dye mix. For a 1% color, twice as saturated, I use 100ml. These colors here are all 1 % on the weight of goods, nice and bright.

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