Greene Ziner Gallery Opening

As retail spaces cautiously reopen, we wanted to give you some information on where to buy wearable art and hand-crafted gifts (or something for yourself)!

The Greene Ziner Gallery in Deer Isle, Maine is home to Melissa and Eric, a potter and a metalworker respectively. They hope to be open Tuesday-Thursday from 10-5 starting next week, and are also making appointments outside regular hours. We just shipped them scarves and shawls, including a new design called Mosaic Plus.

We are all excited that some of these small galleries are able to open again, and encourage everyone to take all necessary precautions when shopping in person! Check out the Greene Ziner’s website below, and call for more information about the artists they will be featuring this summer.

Stay well, and enjoy the Bar Harbor area and all it has to offer!

73 Reach Road, Deer Isle, Maine

(207) 348-2601

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